See the counterterrorism documentary Dirty Wars before it hits theaters

Dirty Wars is an upcoming documentary by investigative journalist Jeremy Scahill about the highly secretive and illegal counterterrorism operations carried out by the Joint Special Operations Command. This is riveting material, and it’s a heavyweight film too: Dirty Wars was screened at Sundance and won an award for cinematography.

Dirty Wars is out on June 4, but you can see it today.

Tonight at 7pm, in association with IFC Films, Scahill will present a free screening of Dirty Wars and answer questions at Landmark E Street Cinema in downtown DC. This is an exclusive event that you won’t find publicly listed! Media Services is one of the only places you’ll be able to find passes to this event. Come to the library and get your passes while they’re still available.

(Passes are available in-person at the desk only. Seating is available on a limited basis. Get there early!)

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