Breaking Bad’s final stretch premieres Sunday; anticipation can’t get higher

At this point, Breaking Bad rests among the greatest television shows ever aired. Walter White’s harrowing transformation from mild-mannered teacher to complete monster has captivated audiences for the last five years – and on Sunday, we get to see how it wraps up.

Promotional materials for Breaking Bad‘s final eight episodes imply a disastrous turn for Heisenberg’s meth empire, a dismount that fans have anticipated for some time. Fans expected to watch in droves to see what happens to the White family, whether Jesse is redeemed, and how showrunner Vince Gilligan is going to wrap this mess up. Needless to say with three days to go, we’ve reached peak excitement.

Vulture has been counting down to the season premiere all month. Their calendar is worth a look, if only for all the parody videos and fan-tributes.

But if you really want to get inside the world of Breaking Bad, head up to Flagship Carwash Center the Rockville. Tomorrow, AMC will be turn it into A1A Car Wash, the business that Walter White uses for money laundering. Show up for a free cleaning a free Breaking Bad memento! (While supplies last.)

We can’t wait for the last episodes to air, and hopefully you’re along for the ride as well. If you aren’t yet acquainted with the series, now is the perfect time to meet the one who knocks. The first five seasons are available for checkout in the AU Library (HU DVD 14048 – 14052)

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