RIP James Rebhorn, “that guy”

We’ve had to eulogize legendary directors and filmmakers all-too-frequently this year, but this time, we want to turn attention to a famous and well-loved actor who you might not even recognize by name. James Rebhorn, who died last week at age 65, is the ultimate “that guy,” an recognizable actor who appeared in seemingly everything without ever having a starring role.

His career included appearances successful dramas, comedies, and action movies – an incredible feat. You could know Rebhorn best for his work in Independence Day as the headstrong Secretary of Defense Albert Nimziki. You might also recognize him as Dr. Kaplan, Liz Lemon’s frustrated dentist/matchmaker on 30 Rock. Rebhorn was a chameleon, appearing in 125 works since the late 70s, from soap opera bit parts to recurring role on Showtime’s Homeland.

James Rebhorn may not have had the same following as some celebrities and big personalities, but that reflects the lower profile he kept and the way he blended into the many memorable roles he portrayed. No doubt we’ll miss Rebhorn’s work, if only because he was a familiar face.

If you need an indication of how much diverse work this guy participated in, look no further than his unusual collection of films and television shows he appeared in that are available at Media Services:

Snow Falling on Cedars – HU DVD 99
Cold Mountain – HU DVD 857
The Talented Mr. Ripley – HU DVD 1447
Carlito’s Way – HU DVD 1483
Silkwood – HU DVD 1647
The Game – HU DVD 2246
Independence Day – HU DVD 3111
Lorenzo’s Oil – HU DVD 3324
North & South – HU DVD 3660
White Squall – HU DVD 5530
Basic Instinct – HU DVD 5729 
Baby Mama – HU DVD 8626
30 Rock, Season 4, Disc 2 – HU DVD 8930
Homeland, Season 1 – HU DVD 10348
Homeland, Season 2 – HU DVD 10349
My Cousin Vinny – HU DVD 10487
Seinfeld, Season 9: “The Finale” – HU DVD 14140, Disc 4

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