Welcome to Television Bubble Month!

As we enter the middle of April, we enter the month of the television bubble, that dreaded period when television shows teeter on the edge of renewal or cancellation. Many unsuccessfully shows are canceled after a few weeks or even one really bad episode, but others manage to get through a whole season without knowing if they’ll be back for round two. This has led many shows, including How I Met Your Mother and Scrubs, to set up for potential emergency twist endings which were later abandoned. It’s an interesting vagary of a production process that hinges on unpredictable factors.

Deciding whether to bring back a television series for another season is a harrowing process, one that often elicits letter-writing campaigns and grassroots attempts to keep beloved but unsuccessful shows from getting the axe. This year is no different; popular but iffy shows like Hannibal and The Mindy Project could go either way.

In honor of this sort of scary and expectant season, we’d like to celebrate a number of shows that were canceled before their time. Some have seen a revival in movie form or an additional season, but these are classic cases of the television bubble bursting. Come check out these shows from the library, and be warned that your favorite struggling series might be next to join this list!

Freaks and Geeks, The Complete Series – HU DVD 3441
Arrested Development, The Complete Series – HU DVD 4871 – 4873
Firefly, The Complete Series – HU DVD 5301
    (Revived in Serenity – HU DVD 5317)
Deadwood, The Complete Series – HU DVD 7101 – 7129
Pushing Daises, Season 1 – HU DVD 10251
Carnivale, Season 1 – HU DVD 10287
Sports Night, The Complete Series – HU DVD 10611 – 10612
Twin Peaks, The Complete Series – HU DVD 14069 – 14070
    (Revived in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me – HU DVD 5760)
Luck, Season 1 – HU DVD 14098

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