How much food do The Goonies eat? Analysis says: a lot

One of the most fun things about movies, television, and really any entertainment medium is the way in way people break them down and uncover all sorts of weird trivia. Just like when someone recently figured out when Ice Cube had a “Good Day,” people across the Internet are always figuring out unusual facts about pop culture. This time, it’s The Goonies.

An enterprising blogger from Bon Appétit (AU’s former food service provider) has calculated how much Chunk eats over the course of The Goonies. Needless to say, it’s not healthy. Over the course of the film, he consumes (or is implied to consume) close to 3,000 calories, and he has over 20 food-related moments. That leaves only about 5 minutes to breathe between each time Chunk shows up with some food. That’s impressive commitment to a one-off character trait.

There’s really not too much academic about this factoid, but we love seeing people break down movies like this. We’re sure someone out there could write a terrific essay about The Goonies and its thematic use of food. Maybe Chunk has been the key to the movie all along!

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