Robin Williams: a funnyman and performer of unparalleled range

We couldn’t let this week pass without acknowledging the unfortunate and far too early death of comedian Robin Williams. We can only add to the immense outpouring of grief over Williams’s death. Many retrospectives have focused on his terrific stand-up comedy and his ability to make us laugh – rightly so – but he was a performer of immense range who appeared in manic comedies as well as memorable dramatic roles. Consider that Williams starred in both Death to Smoochy and Insomnia in the same year, and you’ll have some idea of this man’s versatility. He will be greatly missed, but the breadth of his work on film and talent will speak for itself for years.

Befitting an actor who worked with such a terrific range for decades, the Media Services collection contains dozens of starring Robin Williams, encompassing everything from the silliest comedies to the most serious thrillers. A perusal of our collection brings up 21 DVDs starring Williams, from Hook to The Birdcage. We encourage you to check one out over the weekend to remember the work of a truly flexible and talented performer we lost far too soon.

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