Happy National Ghostbusters Day!

Today marks the startling thirtieth anniversary of Ghostbusters, maybe the most successful comedy film of all time. The film was so successful at release that it stayed the number one film in the country for seven solid weeks, and adjusted for inflation, it is still one of the highest grossing films of all time. Now we are as far from the release of Ghostbusters as Ghostbusters was from Rear Window. There’s probably too much hemming and hawing these days about the passage of time, but thirty years is a great milestone for classic film. Considering that we lost Harold Ramis this year, this anniversary feels particularly weighty.

The most exciting part of this anniversary is, by far, the re-release of Ghostbusters in theaters. If you look up any local theater listing, you will find dozens of screenings for the movie over the course of the Labor Day weekend. If you need an excuse to see it, remember that the first weeks of classes is nearly over, and you probably need a break. Bustin’ does make one feel good.

If you’re in further need of retrospection, the Los Angeles Times published a look back on the franchise from director Ivan Reitman, and SDRS Creative created a terrific infographic of trivia explaining the somewhat complicated production of the now legendary movie.

Who cares if it’s two months before Halloween? This is a great weekend for ghosts. Do not perish in flame!

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