Get re-revenge this Thursday at a free Horrible Bosses 2 preview!

There’s a scene in Horrible Bosses where Jamie Foxx’s character (whose name is not repeatable here) admits to serving jail time for bootlegging a copy of Snow Falling on Cedars. We tell you this to warn you that such behavior will not be permitted at this week’s free preview screening of Horrible Bosses 2!

Horrible Bosses was a runaway success in 2011, particularly because of lead Charlie Day in his first major film role. We don’t know too much about the sequel, but we expect it to be at least as funny and chaotic as the original. And you can see it weeks before it hits theaters!

This free screening event happens on Thursday, November 13th, at the Regal Gallery Place Stadium 14 in Chinatown at 8pm. Unlike many of our screenings in which we give out physical passes, you can redeem these passes online through our friends at GoFobo. Keep in mind, as with every screening, that these events are intentionally overbooked, so you are encouraged to show up at least an hour or two in advance to ensure that you get a seat.

Hope to see you there! (But please leave your peanut-infected shampoo at home.)

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