See Top Five with Chris Rock… WITH Chris Rock!

You may have seen Chris Rock in the news recently from his controversial routine on Saturday Night Live or his candid interview about race in Vulture. He’s in the middle of a publicity tour for Top Five, his upcoming semi-autobiographical comedy that’s gotten rave reviews since it’s premiere at TIFF this year, even generating some potential awards season buzz (watch for a Golden Globe nomination). The movie hits theaters in DC next week, but we’ve gotten our hands on pre-release passes.

The screening goes down at the Regal Gallery Place 14 on Tuesday, December 9 at 6:30pm. Most excitingly, we’ve been told that Chris Rock himself plans to attend the screening for an introduction! This is a pretty exciting screening that you’ll want to be at.

Passes can be picked up in person or are redeemable online via our partners at GoFobo. As always, remember that these screenings are intentionally overbooked and that you’ll need to show up at least one or two hours in advance to ensure that you get a seat. But it’ll be worth it, especially since Chris Rock will most likely be there!

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