See sci-fi drama Ex Machina with director Alex Garland

Science fiction screenwriter Alex Garland makes directorial debut in theaters today with Ex Machina, a futuristic drama starring future Star Wars co-stars Domnhall Gleeson and Oscar Isaac about artificial intelligence. The movie has mostly glowing reviews so far, which bodes well for Garland’s transition from the writing desk to the director’s chair. If you want to pry his mind a little, we have an opportunity for you…

Alex Garland will be at Landmark E Street Cinema next Tuesday for a special screening of Ex Machina. Although we don’t have details about what will happen at this screening, we imagine there will be a Q&A or guided discussion with the director. Garland’s career trajectory is putting him on the path to being a big name in science fiction film, so take advantage of this opportunity!

The event takes place at Landmark E Street Cinema on Tuesday, April 14th. Unlike many screenings that we offer passes for, you’ll have to RSVP for this one. Send an email to in advance to indicate that you’ll be attending. We’ll see you there!

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