See The Terminator with artificial intelligence experts – free!

Tomorrow, AU takes a day-long study break before final exams begin. Use this time wisely if you need it, and don’t forget about the library’s Final Perk event!

But suppose you’re off-campus, have time on your hands, and want something film-y to do. Slate‘s Future Tense has you covered. Tomorrow, the web magazine’s futurist column will host a free screening of The Terminator at 6:30pm at E Street Cinema downtown. The screening will be accompanied by a discussion from robotics and technology experts Kevin Bankston and Sean Luke about the concept of “killer artificial intelligence.”

We hope the robot uprising won’t happen for many years, but expert testimony and a great movie on the topic are a great way to spend the evening. See the linked article for details about how to attend; you’ll need to RSVP via email.

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