Five Films Featuring…Cakes!

Happy Friday! It’s time for Five Films Featuring…CAKES!

Originally I had wanted to do cupcakes, but holy cow it is hard to find cupcakes in movies. But, for our first pick:

1. Bridesmaids (HU DVD 9104)

The saddest, loneliest, prettiest cupcake in the world.

2. Singing in the Rain (HU DVD 674)

Not a real cake, but a totally adorable dance number in this classic.

3. Back To The Future (HU DVD 7840)

Remember the pathetic “Welcome Home Uncle Joey” cake?

4. Room (HU DVD 13183)

Ahhh the really depressing birthday cake in Room.

5. Matilda (HU DVD 11525)

Who doesn’t remember the great triumph of Bruce Bogtrotter’s giant cake? This is possibly one of the best shows of defiance I ever remember on film. “You can do it, Brucie!”

Hungry now?

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