Movies at Random: Night of the Shooting Stars

Today while perusing the dusty gemtrac, the movie Night of the Shooting Stars (HU DVD 5167) jumped out at me. The original title, La Notte de San Lorenzo, refers to the feast day of Saint Lawrence, a holiday associated with shooting stars.

Here’s our summary:

It is the Night of San Lorenzo, the night when dreams come true. While watching shooting stars, Cecilia tells her son about a similar night in 1944, when she was six years old, and the residents of San Martino, her small Tuscan hometown, struggled against Nazi oppression during the final days of WWII.

This film won the Jury Special Grand Prix at the 1982 Cannes Film Festival, and Wikipedia describes it as a fantasy war drama film. Directed by the Taviani brothers, whose film Padre Padrone (HU DVD 1437) won the Palme d’Or in 1977, Night of the Shooting Stars is definitely worth watching.

 Happy viewing!

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