Movies At Random: The Iceman Interviews

Pulling this random DVD off the shelf turned into a Wikipedia rabbit hole for me. Today’s highlight is The Iceman Interviews (HU DVD 11721). If you don’t know who Richard Kuklinski is, you can read up on him on Wikipedia.

Here’s HBO’s summary:

An abused young man. A hair-trigger temper. A trail of dead bodies. […] Renowned forensic psychologist Dr. Park Dietz gets up close, personal and even confrontational with psyche of one of the most dangerous men alive. Bringing together the earlier THE ICEMAN TAPES: CONVERSATIONS WITH A KILLER and THE ICEMAN: SECRETS OF A MAFIA HITMAN with the newly released Dietz interview, this new special edition, THE ICEMAN INTERVIEWS is the ultimate compendium of the mind of a murderer. Includes Richard “The Iceman” Kuklinski’s riveting on-camera confession, exclusively for HBO, of the murder of police officer Peter Calabro. Making news in February 2003, Kuklinski accepted a plea bargain for a concurrent 30-year term to his 60-year prison sentence and implicated Sammy “The Bull” Gravano in the crime. THE ICEMAN INTERVIEWS – this new special edition is guaranteed to run chills up and down your spine all over again.

With minimal creativity you can find these interviews online, but for anyone who’d like to stay on the right side of the law, we have the DVD in media services. Here’s the ultra-chilling cover:

Not happy viewing. But still interesting, and important to understand.

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