Portraits of America: Democracy on Film

Martin Scorsese, as part of his efforts to bring visual literacy education to middle and high school students, recently put out the list of movies included in “Portraits of America: Democracy on Film.”

As described in the announcement:

Offered free of charge to elementary and high schools, “Democracy on Film” is made up of eight modules addressing different aspects of the democratic experience, including immigration, labor, civil rights and the press. Within each module, scholars, educators and filmmakers examine movies that reflect American democratic ideals.

For any educators out there, each module of the film list looks like it includes additional curriculum materials. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be highlighting each module, and offering some supplementary resources from our collection.

We’re big fans of starting media literacy young, and this is a great program for kids. It’s also a wonderful resource for adults seeking guided/thematic viewing. We look forward to exploring these titles with you!

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