Five Films Featuring…Shaving Cream

Ok, so if you know me at all, you already know what the punchline is going to be. But shaving serves all kinds of purposes in movies. There’s something about the obscuring/revealing in shaving that directors really love. And it’s omnipresent…like, this doesn’t even count all the bathroom cabinets that open to reveal shaving cream, and there are plenty of camp pranks missing. From comedic, to terrifying, to bordering on sensual, here are five films featuring shaving cream.

1. The Great Dictator (HU DVD 3796)

Chaplin rhymic shaving.

2. Sweeney Todd (HU DVD 13869)

What kind of monster wouldn’t put Sweeney Todd on this list? The movie version with Johnny Depp (HU DVD 4111) is…um…kind of lame. But I strongly recommend the filmed stage production.

3. Hard Day’s Night (HU DVD 5740)

Beatles shenanigans.

4. Skyfall (HU DVD 5001)

I’d say this scene is some kind of…demonstration of vulnerability…something…
Sorry, I’m way too distracted by Daniel Craig to philosophize.

5. Jurassic Park (HU DVD 4901)

My favorite can of shaving cream in film is, of course, the super-spy can of Barbasol in Jurassic park. It gets to do so much work! Hiding stuff, comic spraying noises, etc. Also, this ridiculous dick move:

For a bonus 6th pick, I’m going to add Shrek (HU DVD 13517) but I can’t remember which of the films this shot came from. It’s stuck with me thought, because it’s paired with a scene of Shrek shaving, and this is supposed to be…funny? Because only ogre women have facial hair? I’m sure all those waxing, tweezing, shaving, lasering, electrocuting, and chemical depilatory products for women are marketed exclusively to ogres.

Happy viewing!

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