Movies At Random: New Jack City

Today’s random DVD is Mario Van Peebles’ New Jack City (HU DVD 1097). A 1991 action gangster film, Wikipedia makes it sound like there’s some disagreement about just how anti-gangster this film is, and Time Out London called it “a superior example of what used to be called blaxploitation.” The IMDB trivia page on this one is pretty epic too, my favorite example being:

On Inside the Actors Studio (1994), Chris Rock claimed that for several years following his acclaimed performance as a crack addict, drug dealers would approach him and put crack and cocaine in his pocket; joking that “they thought it was a documentary.” He stated that, although he knew people who used crack at the time, he never did and, in his 1997 memoir “Rock This” had only smoked marijuana twice. (from imdb)

Here’s our summary:

Gangster film about a young, rich, smart drug baron who thinks he’s untouchable, and the tough, street-smart cops determined to bring him down.

And here’s the trailer, with some epic trailer-voice:

Happy viewing!

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