Minutes May 5, 2014 (approved)

In attendance: Chris Simpson, Monica Jackson, Alayna Mundt, Brian Yates, Terry Fernandez, Alan Isaac, Nancy Davenport, Michael Jee, Erran Carmel, Sonja Walti, Craig Hyden (via Skype)

Minutes and CIS constitution for SY2014/15

Approval of March meeting minutes

Approval of April meeting minutes with the following clarification: we had decided not to hold a June meeting

Discussion of how to handle the next cycle’s CIS constitution: Not all CIS representatives for SY 2014/15 have been elected/appointed yet. Awaiting those decisions, it is decided that Chris Simpson will act as the “convener” for CIS until then.

Final CIS Report to the Senate

Chris Simpson, who represents CIS on the Senate, has been asked to report about this cycle’s CIS activities at the Senate meeting of May 7. It is decided to establish a list of items to be reported upon (see draft by Craig under Documents), share those with the Senate, and then finalize the CIS Report to be submitted to the CIS for approval. Items to be included:

Adopted list of items to report on Committee operation and liaison activities:

  • Reference to establishment and use of CIS WordPress site, occasional use of online meeting opportunities using Skype
  • Liaison activities with ATSC, Faculty Senate, CTRL, OIT, OLAC, Library (and its Web Steering Committee)

Adopted list of items to report on CIS topic contributions:

  • CIS request to the Senate (resulting in Senate resolution) to make student photos available to instructors (e.g. via Blackboard, Registrar). TF reports targeting implementation for Fall 2015. Decision: CIS will draft an inquiry with the Senate, requesting that target date to be set for Spring 2015.
  • CIS initiative regarding accessibility of AU website
  • CIS input to ATSC on social media policy
  • CIS input on Adobe licenses for e-portfolios: ND reports that test are being conducted, evaluation not yet available.
  • BYOD: ATSC has taken input up and is testing in the classroom
  • CIS input on and participation in LMS decision

Suggested items for next year’s agenda

A discussion of items CIS should consider taking up next year, yielded the following suggestions:

  • Online learning and related topics:
  • Intellectual property, fair use, scope/modalities of faculty liability regarding copyright infringement
  • Library digital interface
  • CIS participation and suggestions to the planning group for the University Retreat