Minutes, October 20, 2017 (Approved)

A meeting of the Committee on Information Systems (CIS) was held Friday, October 20, 2017 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM in SIS260.

The attendees were:

  1. Robert Adcock (SIS)
  2. Stefano Constanzi (CAS)
  3. Michael Fernandez (LIB)
  4. Terry Fernandez (OIT)
  5. Katie Holton ( (CAS)
  6. Billie Jo Kaufman (WCL)
  7. Joseph Mortati (KSB)
  8. Rick Semiatin (SPEX)
  9. Sonja Walti (SPA) (by phone)
  10. Stef Woods (CAS)
  11. Alan Isaac (CAS)
  12. David Rose (CTRL)

These items of business were discussed:

Chair Stef Woods opened the meeting with approval of the minutes.  The minutes from the September 20, 2017 were approved (https://blogs.library.american.edu/cis/minutes_september_20_2017

Committee members introduced themselves.

Scott Vanek, Assistant Director, e-Learning & Instructional Design Services, University Library, reported on the new features for BLACKBOARD.  He provided an update on training (one on one; handouts, and short videos). The future enhancements will eliminate downtime for back-ups and offer a choice to faculty for the “ultra” version.  Many updates will be seamless to faculty.  The e-Learning team will allow for “pilots” in summer, 2018.  They will also present at the Ann Ferren Conference in January.

Alan Issac spoke briefly about the survey for AU faculty on classroom hardware/software needs.  Alan intends to prepare a final draft of the survey instrument and arrange to distribute the survey via OIT.

Stef presented a request from the Senate to “rebalance” the terms of the CIS Committee to comply with Senate By-Laws and create staggered terms for chairs so there will greater stability.  A motion was made to make the adjustments and provide an updated list of members, expiration dates of terms, and chair transitions.  It was approved unanimously.

The next meeting will be held Wednesday, November 15, 2017 from 11AM – Noon in BL1B143, Library Administration Conference Room.  A representative from the Registrar’s office will present on classroom scheduling and modernization plans.