Minutes, November 16, 2016 (Approved)

A meeting of the Committee on Information Systems (CIS) was held Wednesday, November 16, 2016 from 4:00-5:00 PM in Library Room 115. The eight attendees were:

1. Stefano Costanzi (CAS)
2. Nancy Davenport (LIB)
3. Alan Isaac (CAS)
4. Stefan Kramer (LIB)
5. Joseph Mortati (KSB)
6. Lindsay Murphy (CTRL)
7. Stef Woods (CAS)
8. Chenyang Xiao (CAS)

The following items of business were discussed.

1. Co-Chair Stefano Costanzi called the meeting to order and for the October 2016 minutes to be approved, which were.

2. The topic of Information Literacy as it relates to AU Experience (AUx) Courses was reviewed and it is not clear to this committee what this means. That is, Stefano, Nancy, and Stefan asked questions relating to whether this refers to using Information Technology, research and application of information, or some combination? Likewise, Chenyang Xiao asked does this fall under CIS purview?

This led to an agreement that if this is a curriculum issue, CIS does not have a say but if it has Library/OIT impacts, it does. To this latter point, when developing courses, Literary I & II should discuss how courses should actively involve the Library, CTRL, and any other campus units supporting information systems.

Joseph Mortati took the action of asking what vetting is or will be done of information literacy learning objectives.

3. Mobile devices in classrooms. Lindsay Murphy briefed the committee on the draft top takeaways CTRL has identified for this topic. Alan Isaac commented the draft is great and asked, “What about students understanding their part with respect to information systems?” Stefano added that student takeaways are instructor-specific and Alan added this should be brought to the attention of our constituencies.

4. The Spring 2017 meeting schedule was briefly discussed and Stefano agreed to circulate a poll to find the best day/time to meet.

5. There being no additional business for the good of the order, the meeting was adjourned.