AFI SilverDocs Film Festival 2011 Kicks Off Today in Silver Spring, MD

The AFI Discovery Channel SilverDocs Film Festival kicked off today. It runs from June 20 – June 26. There are many ways to keep up with the film festival. They have the SilverDocs web site, which also contains the “festival genius”, a guide to all the films that includes brief summaries, Youtube trailers, and show dates and times.

You can follow the SilverDocs on Twitter @silverdocs or find them on Facebook, where they have a SILVERDOCS Facebook fan page.

These guys are really covering all the bases because they’ve even got a SilverDocs tumblr, which is a blog that is currently highlighting titles in the film festival with eye-catching stills and links back to the film descriptions and show dates and times on their official site.

Finally, they have a Silver Docs Youtube Channel with video of the kick-off party and trailers for some of the films being shown this week.

Here’s the AFI SilverDocs 2011 Sizzle Reel:

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