Check out WeVideo, the collaborative online video editor in the cloud

A free video editing and hosting site. Allows for social editing – a project can have content submitted by and be edited by multiple users.

Simply shoot videos and photos with your mobile phone or camera. Then upload them to your personal or shared WeVideo media library.

You can shape your story alone or together with others on the WeVideo canvas. You can add titles, effects, animation, music, narration and more to create your own video story.

We make it easy to share your video story in the WeVideo studio. Or publish your finished video to your favorite social-networking or video-sharing website, from basic to high-definition broadcast quality.

Here’s how it works:
With WeVideo, you simply upload your video clips, create your storylines, and edit them in the cloud. There’s no software to download. All video-story creation takes place in the Internet browser on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. And with WeVideo, you can collaborate on video stories by inviting others to upload their clips to your cloud-based video library. You can co-create a video with others or come up with your own separate versions. Once created, you can share your video in internet or high-definition broadcast quality on the WeVideo site or publish it to your favorite video-sharing, social-network, or other online site.

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