Celebrate 50 years of The Beatles with a video retrospective

Sunday marked the 50th anniversary of The Beatles’s appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. It was a landmark moment in pop culture and arguably the start of The Beatles’s legacy as one of the biggest musical acts in history. It would be silly to repeat their accomplishments here, but suffice to say, The Beatles had a large impact on global culture.

Though perhaps best known for their music, The Beatles achieved fame on the screen as well. Apart from the four feature films, The Beatles appeared repeatedly in televised performances and inspired documentaries, parodies, and dramatizations. We have a surprisingly large collection of Beatles films and video collections at the AU Library, including a lengthy retrospective of behind-the-scenes footage. It’s all highly worth watching if you can’t get enough of the recent Beatles commemorations.

The U.S. vs. John Lennon – HU DVD 3078
The Hours and Times – HU DVD 4360
The Beatles Anthology – HU DVD 4386
A Hard Day’s Night – HU DVD 5740
Magical Mystery Tour – HU DVD 6663
John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band – HU DVD 6725
Backbeat – HU DVD 6733
The Ed Sullivan Show Featuring The Beatles and Various Other Artists – HU DVD 7339
Help! – HU DVD 8594
Yellow Submarine – HU DVD 8983
The Rutles – HU DVD 10187
George Harrison: Living in the Material World – HU DVD 11076

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