Worried about a snowy Valentine’s Day? Browser our Romance Pinterest!

If you’re paying attention to the local news, you are no doubt aware that a big snowstorm is bearing down on DC, comparable to the last one that hit us. We’ve been burned too many times in the last year to expect this storm to have too significant of an impact, but there’s a chance that you might have a reason to stay in and drink hot chocolate this weekend.

Friday is also Valentine’s Day. You might be left in the cold without anything for your mandatory romantic movie marathon. Take no chances!

For those looking for romance, we’ve assembled a Pinterest page of our best romantic films. Anyone wanting a good movie for this weekend might pursue the obvious choices – Pride and Prejudice, 500 Days of Summer, etc. – but our list contains over 190 films that might strike your interest and spark up the evening. Please be advised that this list also contains non-comedic films about romance: you are advised to read a description for each movie beforehand so you don’t watch Blue Valentine expecting something quirky and zany.

Be sure to come by and pick up a few romantic movies for the weekend just in case you won’t get a chance later.

For everyone else, the remake of RoboCop opens tonight.

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