Hungry for more free movies? BYT has the master sheet of outdoor film events

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been slowly trickling out posts about upcoming DC film festivals. Ten days into June, we figure it’s time to rip the Band-Aid off.

DC culture hotspot Brightest Young Things has compiled a list of all current and upcoming film festivals in the area. It’s a very handy one-stop guide for every outdoor event you might want to attend this summer. You might notice that today, for instance, the only event is a screening of All the President’s Men in Adams Morgan. That might not float your boat, but on June 30th, Crystal City will be showing Top Gun! This is a great way to plan your summer movie schedule and, let’s be honest, find out the next time that you’ll be able to see Frozen (July 3rd and 8th, for the record).

We’ll continue to post interesting highlights from these upcoming screenings, but if you want to make a schedule yourself, the list from Brightest Young Things is the first place to head.

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