DC Shorts is happening… right now!

One of DC’s biggest film events has been happening under our noses! DC Shorts, an annual showcase of short films, has been going on since last Thursday, but there’s still a few more days worth of films to catch.

Over the course of a week and a half, DC Shorts screens over 100 shorts from local and international, including documentaries, music videos, and animation. The size and quality of the festival is a testament to the strength of the local film scene, and the concurrent screenplay competition shows that you don’t need to know lens focal length to be involved.

Counting today, there are still three days of new films to watch, followed by a Best of Show revue over the weekend. See DC Shorts’s schedule for a listing of what will screen where. All the new screenings are at E Street Cinema, so depending on when you show up, you could have your choice of local shorts, LGBT films, comedy, or a general competition showcase. You can still watch these shorts if you can’t make it out, too. For $30, you can watch nearly all the festival’s shorts online. That’s a great alternative if you want to see quality short films without having to schlep to E Street.

We hope you’ll attend! There’s a few big festivals every year in DC, and this is a favorite.

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