See Leonardo DiCaprio’s next big (award-winning?) film early!

November and December are the peak release months for prestige films. Academy Award nominees are announced in January, and the big hopefuls have a habit of popping up right before the deadline. We’ve been fortunate enough to share passes to a few of these movies, but we’re saving the biggest for the end of the semester…

We have advance passes to see The Revenant, director Alejandro González Iñárritu’s upcoming frontier movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio! The Revenant is in serious contention for Best Picture, and DiCaprio is an early favorite to win Best Actor – potentially his first Oscar. And you can see it almost a month before everyone else. Lucky you!

(Plus, there will be a Q&A afterwards with supporting actor Will Poulter!)

We have only 40 admit-two passes to give away for this screening on Thursday, December 3 at 7pm at the Georgetown Loews 14. Follow this link to redeem your pass before they’re gone. This screening will no doubt be packed, so you’ll need to arrive way in advance of the 7pm start time to ensure that you get a seat. Passes don’t guarantee that you’ll get in!

Snag a pass now so you can lord it over your family for Thanksgiving! Or, because it’s an incredibly exciting movie that you can see weeks early for free before it becomes a hot topic.

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