Democracy on Film: Civil Rights

Welcome to Module 3 of Democracy on Film, which covers Civil Rights! This small selection does attempt to expand the concept of civil rights outside the African American Civil Rights Movement with the inclusion of Harvey Milk and Smoke Signals, but the struggle for rights and equality in our diverse country is so multifaceted that no cinematic introduction could do it justice.

Module 3: Civil Rights

Introductory Lesson: The Camera as Witness

Chapter 1: King: A Filmed Record…Montgomery to Memphis. 1970. Streaming video
Chapter 2: Intruder in the Dust. 1949. DVD 8854
Chapter 3: The Times of Harvey Milk. 1984.  DVD 1267
Chapter 4: Smoke Signals. 1998. DVD 1657

We also suggest Eyes on the Prize (DVD 2301 – 2307), a 14 part documentary series about the African American civil rights movement. Spike Lee’s Malcolm X (DVD 165) is worth seeing, as is Selma (DVD 12221). We do have a campus use only copy of American Revolutionary : The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs, but I wasn’t able to find very many great movies about Asian American or Hawaiian American civil rights issues. Any suggestions out there?

You can now find the full list of Democracy on Film in our LibGuide. Check back for additional recommendations.

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