Democracy on Film: The American Woman

Module 4 of Democracy on Film covers The American Woman, both through her eyes and through the eyes of others.

Module 4: The American Woman

Introductory Lesson: Ways of Seeing Women
Chapter 1:

  • Suspense. 1913. — Check out YouTube, as it’s out of print.
  • Where Are My Children on Treasures III: social issues in American film, 1900-1934. Program 2, New women. 1916. d. Lois Weber. — DVD 5439
  • Dance, Girl, Dance. 1940. — DVD 5487

Chapter 2
Imitation of Life. 1934. — DVD 1061

Chapter 3
Woman of the Year. 1942. — DVD 8511

Chapter 4
Alien. 1979. — Streaming video

Chapter 5
The Age of Innocence. 1993. — DVD 1371

We also recommend Waiting to Exhale (DVD 2276), His Girl Friday (DVD 1341), Thelma and Louise (DVD 1169), Tiny Furniture (DVD 9713), and Hidden Figures (DVD 13951). I was curious, so I googled “Films with no women,” and–I admit this should have been obvious–they’re mostly big prison, ship, and army films. I wasn’t able to find any without men, though.

There are so many interesting American female characters that it’s hard to isolate just a few. Let us know if you have a particularly interesting example!

You can now find the full list of Democracy on Film in our LibGuide. Check back for additional recommendations.

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