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Wish You Were Here: Postcards from Peace Corps Travels


For Peace Corps Volunteers, postcards were an easy way to communicate with their loved ones and show them the sights they witnessed on their travels. Postcards shed a variety of insights into PCVs and the types of experiences they had during their service. For many PCVs, postcards allowed them to take the image on the front and detail their environments, such as weather and natural beauty.  Postcards are a great way to see what PCVs thought important enough to share with family and friends.




Claire Pettengill sent this postcard at the beginning of her service in Morocco before her training, where she stayed from 1978-1980. In her card, she mentions the camel on the front picture and notes she hasn’t seen any yet. She also mentions her love of the city she’s staying in but also comments on how intimidated she is by her surroundings.


Anne Briggs served from 1964-1966 in Malaysia with her husband, Albert and sent this postcard from Hawaii where she trained. Briggs chooses to focus on describing her surroundings in her card home. She notes the beauty of the island and the mild weather. She also expresses her excitement to sight see.





David Day served in Kenya and India from 1965-1967. Day wrote in Swahili on one card and translated to English on another. It is interesting that Day wanted to share both languages with his family back home. He also writes about how expensive postage for postcards was in Nairobi and how he likely will not send another postcard.


Steve and Janet Kann sent this postcard from Saint Lucia, while they were serving in the East Caribbean from 1980-1982. Their short description paints the picture of a lively marketplace with shouting and pushing. The image on the postcard paired with the description brings an image to life, where anyone who reads the card can get a taste of what the Kanns experienced.


For more information, please visit the Peace Corps Community Archive website. To use the collections or make a donation, please contact the AU Archives at archives [at] american.edu.

Janet and Steve Kann in the Eastern Caribbean

Country of Service: Eastern Caribbean
Place of Service: Barbados, Dominica, Martinique, St. Lucia, St. Vincent
Service Type: Practical Education Development
Dates in Service: 1980-1982
Keywords: Auto-mechanic, non-matrixed spouse

Accession Date: September 6, 2016
Access: Non-commercial use only
Collection Size: 1.75 linear feet

Document Types

  • Correspondence
  • Photographs
  • Publications

Finding Aid

Box 1

      1. Becoming a P.C. Volunteer, 1 of 3 
        1. Steve 
      2. Becoming a P.C. Volunteer, 2 of 3 
        1. Janet 
      3. Becoming a P.C. Volunteer, 3 of 3 
      4. PC Letters to Mom and Dad, 1 of 2 
      5. Letters to Mom and Dad, 2 of 2 
      6. PC Letters to Art and Roleyn 
      7. PC Letters to Gram and Nellie 
      8. Barbados, 1 of 2 
      9. Barbados, 2 of 2 
      10. Martinique 
      11. St. Vincent 
      12. Dominica, 1 of 3 
      13. Dominica, 2 of 3 
      14. Dominica, 3 of 3 
      15. Nevis Conference Northern Islands, 1 of 2 
      16. Nevis Conference Northern Islands, 2 of 2 
      17. St. Lucia I, 1 of 4 
      18. St. Lucia I, 2 of 4 

Box 2

          1. St. Lucia I, 3 of 4 
          2. St. Lucia I, 4 of 4 
          3. St. Lucia II, 1 of 3 
          4. St. Lucia II, 2 of 3 
          5. St. Lucia II, 3 of 3 

Box 3

      1. The Green Flash Publication 
        1. 1979-1981 
      2. Friends of the East Caribbean Publication 
      3. Peace Corps/RPCV Publications 
        1. Contact information and pamphlets 
      4. Cooking Publications 

Exhibits on Display: The Peace Corps and its Volunteers


Alongside the annual conference of the National Peace Corps Association held in Washington, D.C. in September 2016, AU Archives and Special Collections is debuting two exhibits highlighting its Peace Corps Community Archive. One exhibit will be a physical exhibit on campus and the other online.

The Peace Corps through the Lens of its Volunteers will be on display through the end of the semester on the third floor of the Bender Library.

PCCA Exhibit Screenshot

The Peace Corps and Its Volunteers, the online companion exhibit, will go live this Friday August 26.

Both exhibits draw from the Peace Corps Community Archive and showcase the experiences of Peace Corp Volunteers through journals, letters, and photographs from the 1960s to the present.

For more information, please visit the Peace Corps Community Archive website. To use the collections or make a donation, please contact the AU Archives at archives [at] american.edu.

Susan Shepler in Sierra Leone

Susan Shepler

Country of Service: Sierra Leone
Place of Service: Gbendembu
Service Type: Education
Dates in Service: 1987-1989
Keywords: Gbendembu

Accession Date: October 7, 2015
Access: No restrictions
Collection Size: 0.5 linear feet

Document Types

  • Language learning notes and language manual
  • Peace Corps Sierra Leone newsletter, De News De
  • Swearing in Ceremony Program
  • Volunteers Guide to Freetown
  • Sample exams
  • Gbendembu Secondary School staff list, letterhead and program

Finding Aid

  1. Field Material Math Schoolwork 
  2. Language Materials (Kiro) 
    1. Notes, notecards, language manual 
  3. Material From the Peace Corps (Program, Certificate) 
  4. Newsletter 1988-Monthly “Di News De” (March, July, November) 
  5. Newsletter 1989-Monthly “Di News De” (January, April) 
  6. Recipes 
  7. Volunteer Handouts (Addresses, Town Guide) 

Unexpected Finds in the PCCA

The Peace Corps Community Archive is more than old documents and  photos.  In fact, the collection contains a few unexpected items.

Travel Brochures

Travel guides and brochures found in Steven Bossi’s collection.

Steve Bossi’s collection includes vibrant travel brochures, guidebooks, and maps of India in the 1960s.  Guidebooks from Delhi and Agra include images and maps depicting the cities’ beautiful architecture and historic and religious sites.  Each guidebook provides an historic overview of the city and its tourist attractions.  The colorful maps reveal popular sites and accommodations, as well as industries, agriculture, infrastructure projects, and “handicrafts emporiums” found throughout the region.


Maps and travel guide from Steven Bossi’s collection.

Located amid the DeAntoni’s correspondence are Turkish greeting cards.  Karen DeAntoni sent the cards to family members in the United States in 1965.  The cards include embossed images and prints of engravings depicting Turkey’s culture and history.

Embossed Cards

Turkish embossed cards sent by Karen DeAntoni.

Engraved Cards

Top: An engraving of the rock relief at Yazilikaya–the Hitite King Tudhaliya IV. Engraving created by Charles Texier in the 1830s. Bottom: Ankara in 1701. From an engraving by Pitton de Tournefort.

Not only are these visually interesting, but they provide a new perspective of the places Peace Corps volunteers called home.




Ed and Karen DeAntoni in Turkey

Ed and Karen Thode DeAntoni

Country of Service: Turkey IV
Place of Service: Unye and Ankara
Service Type: Education
Dates in Service: 1964-1966
Keywords: Education

Accession Date: March 6, 2014; May 15, 2014
Access: Authors must be credited in subsequent uses
Collection Size: 1.75 linear feet

Document Types

  • Correspondence
  • Biographical sketches of Turkey 4-A
  • Peace Corps training materials including Turkish language manuals and notes
  • Peace Corps publications relating to serving and living overseas
  • Turkish Tourism Materials
  • Training materials of Turkey 12, Summer 1966 at Occidental College, CA
  • Map of Ed and Karen Thode DeAntoni’s travels in Turkey, 1965-1966, for slide presentations at Occidental
  • CD of photographs from training at the School for International Living in Putney, VT

Finding Aid

  1. Correspondence, June 1964-April 1965 
    1. Letters to his family 
  2. Correspondence, May 1965-June 1966 
  3. “Current Turkish Thought” 1969-1972 
  4. Peace Corps Training Materials 
    1. Pamphlets and booklets 
  5. Training Materials from Robert College (1 of 2) 
    1. Notebooks kept during training 
  6. Training Materials from Robert College (2 of 2) 
    1. Training handbook 
  7. Training Materials for Turkey XII summer 1966 
    1. Project syllabus and biographies 
  8. Turkish Language Training Materials (1 of 3) 
    1. “Essentials of Modern English” and “Basic Course in Turkish” 
  9. Turkish Language Training Materials (2 of 3) 
    1. Language workbooks 
  10. Turkish Language Training Materials (3 of 3) 
    1. Vocabulary Notebooks 
  11. Turkish Study Materials (1 of 2) 
    1. Turkish magazine 
  12. Turkish Study Materials (2 of 2) 
    1. Turkish booklets, Turkish constitution 
  13. Turkish Tourism Materials 
    1. Pamphlets and Booklets 
  14. “The Turkish Village of a Social System” by George Helling 1966 
    1. Academic Paper 
  15. Correspondence, June 1964-December 1965 
    1. Letters to her parents 
  16. Correspondence, January 1966-May 1966 
  17. “As The Moon Rises over the Black Sea” 
    1. Article about Karen and Ed’s courtship 
  18. Biographical Sketches of Turkey 4A 
  19. Map of travels in Turkey, 1965-1966 
  20. Photographs from Training, 1964 
    1. CD 

Alan Crew in Nigeria

Alan Crew

Country of Service: Nigeria
Place of Service: Benin City
Service Type: Education
Dates in Service: 1965-1966
Keywords: Education, Youth

Accession Date: August 23, 2013
Access: Author must be credited in subsequent uses
Collection Size: 0.25 linear feet

Document Types

  • Memoir (transcripts of audiotapes and excerpts from letters)
  • Correspondence (related to Peace Corps employment)
  • Photographs
  • Publications (“The West African Gourmet”)

Finding Aid

  1. Employment 
    1. Official PC documentation 
  2. Notes on the Impact on Western Education on Africa 
  3. Peace Corps Memoir (1 of 2) 
  4. Peace Corps Memoir (2 of 2) 
  5. The West African Gourmet-Bill and Bee Welmers 1964 
    1. About food in Africa 

Stephen Bossi in India

Stephen Bossi

Country of Service: India
Place of Service: Andhra Pradesh
Service Project Title: Andhra Pradesh Science Workshop
Dates in Service: 1966-1968
Keywords: Education

Accession Date: August 14, 2013
Access: no restrictions
Collection Size: 1.0 linear feet

Document Types

  • Correspondence
  • Photographs
  • Reports (Final Report)
  • Publications (Peace Corps in India, Science Workshop, Tourist Brochures, Maps, Training Materials)

Finding Aid

  1. Two “Science Teachers’ Handbooks 
  2. Andhra Pradesh Science Workshop 
    1. Pamphlets/Packets/Booklets 
  3. Correspondence, 1968-1998 
  4. Final Report 
  5. Correspondence 
  6. Instillation of New Nizam, 1967 
  7. Peace Corps Correspondence 
  8. Peace Corps in India 
  9. Photographs 
  10. Restricted 
  11. Tourist Guides and Maps 
    1. Booklets 
  12. Training Materials 
    1. Letters, packets, training certificate