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David and Anita Kaufman in Puerto Rico

Name: David and Anita Kaufman
Country of Service: Puerto Rico
Place of Service: Arecibo
Service Type OR Service Project Title: Peace Corps Training Center, Camp Lawrence Radley
Dates in Service: 1966-1972
Keywords: Education

Accession Date: April 10, 2019
Access: No Restrictions
Collection Size: 0.25 linear feet

Document Types

  • Publications

Finding Aid

  1. Bolivia, Columbia, and Peru Mug book and Venezuela Mug Book, Camp Lawrence Radley, 1966 
  2. Colombia Mug Book, Camp Lawrence Radley, 1967 
  3. Guatemala Mug book, Camp Crozier, 1966-1968 
  4. Honduras Mug book, Paraguay Mug book, Nicaragua Mug book, Camp Crozier and unknown, 1968,  1972 
  5. Panama Mug book, Camp Crozier 
  6. Peru Mug book, Camp Lawrence Radley, 1966 

James and Linda Bingen in Dahomey

Country of Service: Dahomey
Service Type: Ruralization of Education
Dates of Service: 1967-1969
Keywords: Agriculture, Education

Accession Date: April 26, 2018
Access: No Restrictions
Collection Size: .25 linear feet

Document Types

  • Reports
  • Photographs (slides)

Finding Aid

  1. Summer Programs, 1971-1972 
    1. Peace Corps, Dahomey Programs Summer 1972 
    2. Peace Corps, Dahomey Programs Summer 1971 
  2. Memorandums, 1971-1972 
    1. Memorandum, Raullerson-Rakov, Country Plan Update 1971 
    2. Memorandum, Raullerson, Dahomey Replacement Program 
    3. Memorandum, Raullerson, Dahomey New Program, Agricultural/Extension, Fall 1971 
    4. Memorandum, Raullerson, Dahomey, Agricultural/Extension, Summer 1972
  3. Animal Traction Reports, 1969, 1971 
    1. Atakora Animal Traction December 1971 ODAA-FAO-Peace Corps 
    2. Richard Roosenberg, Kerou The Micro-Economics Oxen Traction, September 1971 
    3. Powell & Nobes, Okpara Animal Traction Report, November 1969 
  4. Ruralization Reports 
    1. Jim Bingen, et al. Ruralization Report from Dahomey I October 11-12, 1969 
    2. Bingen, Ruralization Report, September 31, 1969 
    3. H. Liss, Ruralization Report 
  5. Slides
    1. 1968-1969 
  6. Linda Bingen, Health Education in Dahomey’s Schools, August 1969 

Married While Serving: Couples in the Peace Corps

In a previous post, Love and Marriage in the Peace Corps, we looked at couples who met and married while serving abroad. But what about couples already married? As of 2017, only 2% of volunteers are married. Serving in the Peace Corps is a large commitment, yet many married couples were willing to carry on their life together while volunteering in a new country.

Brian Adler and Cynthia (Cindy) Elliot were boyfriend and girlfriend when they applied for service in February 2001. They were accepted for service in Suriname in March 2002, got married in May, and left in June. While helping their village build a school house and teaching the local villagers, Brian and Cindy set up a normal married life. They lived together, which not many couples serving get to do, spent time with friends, and battled bugs together. Brian and Cindy live in D.C. now with their daughter.

Brian and Cindy in the hammock


Delwyn and Claire Ziegler had already been married five years when they moved with their children (Colette, 4 and Andre, 2) to Colombia in 1970. For two years they maintained a normal family life of sending the kids to school, making friends, and celebrating anniversaries.
The Ziegler’s anniversary is February 13th and they celebrated it twice in Colombia. For their 6th they saw a spy movie, babysat for a friend, and drank some wine. And for their 7th they went to the nearest nice restaurant, Carreta, for dinner and later played rummy. While they enjoyed their time in Colombia, they were excited to come home in 1972. Colette and Andre ran into their grandmother’s arms.

Ziegler 6th Anniversary Celebration 1/2

Ziegler 6th Anniversary Celebration 2/2

Ziegler 7th Anniversary Celebration

We have 7 couples in the Peace Corps Community Archives, and each one is a unique story about two people who decided to serve in another country together.


Delwyn & Claire Ziegler in Colombia

Delwyn and Claire Ziegler

Country of Service: Colombia
Service Type: Community Development & Education
Dates in Service: 1970-1972
Keywords: Friends of Colombia, Family

Accession Date: October 12, 2017
Access: No restrictions
Collection Size: One diary

Document Types and Finding Aid


Jan & Leslie Czechowski in Moldova

Country of Service: Moldova
Service Type: Community & Organizational Development
Dates in Service: 2012
Keywords: Cahul, Libraries

Accession Date: October 6, 2017
Access: No restrictions
Collection size: One journal (located in small collections)

Document Types:

  • Journal of blog posts

Finding Aid:

  1. Printed Blog Posts about service 

Janet and Steve Kann in the Eastern Caribbean

Country of Service: Eastern Caribbean
Place of Service: Barbados, Dominica, Martinique, St. Lucia, St. Vincent
Service Type: Practical Education Development
Dates in Service: 1980-1982
Keywords: Auto-mechanic, non-matrixed spouse

Accession Date: September 6, 2016
Access: Non-commercial use only
Collection Size: 1.75 linear feet

Document Types

  • Correspondence
  • Photographs
  • Publications

Finding Aid

Box 1

      1. Becoming a P.C. Volunteer, 1 of 3 
        1. Steve 
      2. Becoming a P.C. Volunteer, 2 of 3 
        1. Janet 
      3. Becoming a P.C. Volunteer, 3 of 3 
      4. PC Letters to Mom and Dad, 1 of 2 
      5. Letters to Mom and Dad, 2 of 2 
      6. PC Letters to Art and Roleyn 
      7. PC Letters to Gram and Nellie 
      8. Barbados, 1 of 2 
      9. Barbados, 2 of 2 
      10. Martinique 
      11. St. Vincent 
      12. Dominica, 1 of 3 
      13. Dominica, 2 of 3 
      14. Dominica, 3 of 3 
      15. Nevis Conference Northern Islands, 1 of 2 
      16. Nevis Conference Northern Islands, 2 of 2 
      17. St. Lucia I, 1 of 4 
      18. St. Lucia I, 2 of 4 

Box 2

          1. St. Lucia I, 3 of 4 
          2. St. Lucia I, 4 of 4 
          3. St. Lucia II, 1 of 3 
          4. St. Lucia II, 2 of 3 
          5. St. Lucia II, 3 of 3 

Box 3

      1. The Green Flash Publication 
        1. 1979-1981 
      2. Friends of the East Caribbean Publication 
      3. Peace Corps/RPCV Publications 
        1. Contact information and pamphlets 
      4. Cooking Publications 

Albert Briggs and Anne Briggs in Malaysia

Albert Briggs
Anne Briggs

Country of Service: Malaysia
Place of Service: Penang
Service Type: Education
Dates in Service: 1964-1966
Keywords: Library, Mathematics, Penang

Accession Date: January 7, 2016
Access: No restrictions
Collection Size: 0.25 linear feet

Document Types

  • Photographs
  • Letters
  • Programs
  • Publications

Finding Aid

  1. Holiday Greetings from Al and Anne (Christmas 1964, 1965, 1966) 
    1. Christmas letters 
  2. Letters from Al to parents (Training, May 1964 and ‘Thank You’ for Anne’s parents) 
  3. Letters from Anne to Parents, Feb 23, 1964-May 6, 1964 (Training at Northern Illinois University, Dekalb, IL and Hilo, Hawaii) 
  4. Letters from Anne to Parents, ’64-’66 (Service; may 9, 1964-Nov 30, 1966 and Travel; Dec 9, 1966-Jan 12, 1967) 
  5. Letters from Anne to Jenny and Hans Arps (January 18, 1965-December 14, 1966) 
  6. Newsletter, “Keridek Glugor,” 1966 (Interview with Anne Briggs) 
  7. Official Letters to Al Briggs 
  8. Programme, Nov 6&7, 1965 
  9. Teaching Material, Malavia, Oct 1965 
  10. Workshops, Nov 1966 

Ann Hofer Holmquist and Richard Holmquist in Nigeria

Ann Hofer Holmquist
Richard Holmquist

Country of Service: Nigeria
Place of Service: Zaria
Dates in Service: 1966-1968
Keywords: Nigeria, Education, Audiotapes

Accession Date: June 18, 2015
Access: No restrictions
Collection Size: 7 items

Document Types

  • Audiotapes (open reel 2-3”)
  • Audiotape Excerpts (9mp3s)

Finding Aid

  1. 7 rolls of audio tape

Ed and Karen DeAntoni in Turkey

Ed and Karen Thode DeAntoni

Country of Service: Turkey IV
Place of Service: Unye and Ankara
Service Type: Education
Dates in Service: 1964-1966
Keywords: Education

Accession Date: March 6, 2014; May 15, 2014
Access: Authors must be credited in subsequent uses
Collection Size: 1.75 linear feet

Document Types

  • Correspondence
  • Biographical sketches of Turkey 4-A
  • Peace Corps training materials including Turkish language manuals and notes
  • Peace Corps publications relating to serving and living overseas
  • Turkish Tourism Materials
  • Training materials of Turkey 12, Summer 1966 at Occidental College, CA
  • Map of Ed and Karen Thode DeAntoni’s travels in Turkey, 1965-1966, for slide presentations at Occidental
  • CD of photographs from training at the School for International Living in Putney, VT

Finding Aid

  1. Correspondence, June 1964-April 1965 
    1. Letters to his family 
  2. Correspondence, May 1965-June 1966 
  3. “Current Turkish Thought” 1969-1972 
  4. Peace Corps Training Materials 
    1. Pamphlets and booklets 
  5. Training Materials from Robert College (1 of 2) 
    1. Notebooks kept during training 
  6. Training Materials from Robert College (2 of 2) 
    1. Training handbook 
  7. Training Materials for Turkey XII summer 1966 
    1. Project syllabus and biographies 
  8. Turkish Language Training Materials (1 of 3) 
    1. “Essentials of Modern English” and “Basic Course in Turkish” 
  9. Turkish Language Training Materials (2 of 3) 
    1. Language workbooks 
  10. Turkish Language Training Materials (3 of 3) 
    1. Vocabulary Notebooks 
  11. Turkish Study Materials (1 of 2) 
    1. Turkish magazine 
  12. Turkish Study Materials (2 of 2) 
    1. Turkish booklets, Turkish constitution 
  13. Turkish Tourism Materials 
    1. Pamphlets and Booklets 
  14. “The Turkish Village of a Social System” by George Helling 1966 
    1. Academic Paper 
  15. Correspondence, June 1964-December 1965 
    1. Letters to her parents 
  16. Correspondence, January 1966-May 1966 
  17. “As The Moon Rises over the Black Sea” 
    1. Article about Karen and Ed’s courtship 
  18. Biographical Sketches of Turkey 4A 
  19. Map of travels in Turkey, 1965-1966 
  20. Photographs from Training, 1964 
    1. CD 

Brian Adler and Cynthia Elliott in Suriname

Brian Adler and Cynthia Elliott

Country of Service: Suriname
Place of Service: Marchall Kreek
Service Type: Non-Formal Rural Community Education
Dates in Service: 2002-2004
Keywords: South America, Education

Accession Date: September 26, 2012
Access: No Restrictions
Collection Size: 0.25 linear feet

Document Types

  • Letters from volunteers who did not complete their service
  • Training – schedules, handouts
  • Leave requests
  • Swearing In Ceremony program
  • Project Information such as lesson plans, activity agreements, etc.
  • Correspondence – Peace Corps Staff
  • Reports
  • Newsletters
    • HoneyDipper – created by PCVs (unofficial, humor)
    • The Skinny– official PC newsletter –written by PC staff (third year volunteer)

Digital Surrogates

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