Minutes: September 9, 2013 (approved)

Recorded by:  by Nancy Davenport

The majority of the meeting was devoted to determining the topics the committee would explore over the academic year.  The following list of issues were chosen by the assembly using the guidelines of : Can it be done in one year?  Will it be influential politically? Will it have impact on the campus?

Software licensing –  can the committee recommend a strategy that would better ensure all products on campus are the same version, that purchases are bundled for best prices,   are available to faculty and students free of charge, and are virtualized when possible.

LMS –  the evaluation would look at support for the virtual classroom, at  positive benefits for teaching and learning, would meet accessibility standards, would support MOOCs as well as other online teaching.

Accessibility — are all the information services, including any website, accessible to all students and faculty?   Are all the facilities one might have to use to access the technology accessible?

Other topics that were raised for consideration but not moved to the action list include:   platform dependence ( Microsoft products) mobile pedagogy,  Airplay, classroom technology, word press, the library move in 2015 – 2016, privacy, and the AU website.

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