Minutes, February 17, 2015 (Approved)

Present: Randy Saba (OIT, guest), Terry Fernandez (OIT) Joseph Mortati (KSB, Co-chair), Brian Yates (CAS/ Psych), Alayne Mundt (Lib), Nancy Davenport (Lib), Sonja Walti (SPA, co-chair), Chris Simpson (SOC, minutes)

  1.  Minutes from the Jan 26 meeting were approved.
  2.  Photos on rosters issue – Terry F & Chris S provided an update concerning an OIT prototype using Blackboard ‘avatars’ as a means of including photos on rosters, correspondence with OIT’s Kamalika Sandell, and Randy Saba’s (OIT) role in coordinating technical aspects of this project. Conversation indicated the avatars were not a satisfactory solution due to their small size. CIS consensus on CIS approval of using AU ID photo databases rather than than Blackboard to fulfill this project conveyed to Randy and Terry F.
  3.  ATSC meeting of 2/13: Sonja attended and provided a short report. CIS agreed to ask ATSC to routinely supply ATSC minutes to CIS in order to improve communication & mutual understanding.
  4.  Report by Simpson that draft AU budget is ‘complete’, according to Provost; goes to Trustees in early March.
  5.  Brief report from AU Librarian Nancy Davenport on main features of Library budget.
  6. Brief report on Faculty Senate ‘Social Media’ temporary working committee; Brian Yates will represent SOC, with Simpson as backup in event of schedule conflicts for Brian.
  7. Renewed discussion of CIS providing “project management/faculty networking/communication center” news & networking for AU Faculty, Faculty Senate, interested staff, interested committees, etc. Agreement reached on referring to this concept as a ‘Clearinghouse’ networked via Listserv or an alternative listserv-type service.
  8. Preliminary discussion on upcoming need to select AY 2015-2016 CIS members & chairs, as well as how to involve AU faculty of Information Services and Information Technology events and policies at AU.
  9. FYI Presentation and discussion with AU Librarian Nancy Davenport on Library plan to digitize all AU syllabi for online use at AU, eventually followed by general accessibility via Washington Research Libraries Consortium. CIS Q&A and feedback expressed overall support; cautions about faculty personal telephone numbers or other private information in syllabi, and concerns regarding monetization of copyrights held by faculty.
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