AU Film Accepted into the San Francisco Ocean Film Festival: “La Pesca Vivencial”

An announcement from Professor Larry Engel:

We’re pleased to announce that one of the films produced by students in the interdisciplinary class, “The Practice of Environmentalism: Science, Policy, and Communication” and its summer site visit to the Galapagos was accepted into the San Francisco Ocean Film Festival. “La Pesca Vivencial” . The production was filmed entirely on location in the Galapagos and features fishermen who are trying to change the way they make a living from the ocean.

The ten-minute film was produced by College of Arts and Science, School of International Service and School of Communication students Megan Barrett, Ingrid Specht, Eileen Keegan, Jen Mandeville, Mark Petruniak, and Chris McMurrow. Chris and Mark participated in a Q & A discussion related to the film’s screening in San Francisco.

To enjoy the film for yourselves, please visit: Vimeo or Youtube

Professors Kiho Kim, Simon Nicholson, Larry Engel and Bill Gentile are proud of these efforts, the new-found collaboration among schools and students, and the impact the work can have.

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